About Emmaus

Emmaus is different to other homelessness charities, offering a home, not just a bed for the night. Being homeless is about more than just losing the roof over your head. Those who have experienced homelessness often also lose their confidence, leading them to feel lonely and worthless.

This is where Emmaus can help, offering a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as meaningful work in our social enterprises.

Everyone who lives at an Emmaus community is expected to contribute to its upkeep, doing their bit to help run the business and keep the community going. This has a huge impact on restoring companions' self-esteem, proving their actions can make a big difference to their own life, and the lives of others. 

How does an Emmaus community work?

When someone joins an Emmaus community, they become an Emmaus companion. They are given their own room, clothing, food and drinks, as well as a small weekly allowance.

People can stay as long as they need to, as long as they agree to follow a few simple rules:

  • Volunteer full time in the charity's social enterprise.
  • Agree they will not bring alcohol or illegal drugs onto the site.
  • Sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit.
  • Agree to be respectful towards one another.

Social enterprise.

Providing meaningful work for companions is central to the Emmaus model and also generates the funding to maintain our community. Many people who have lived at Emmaus say that working and having something to do each day has been the most beneficial part of their experience. 

Our business activities also allow us to support the local community through solidarity work, such as helping low-income families and individuals furnish homes, as well as provide funded training and qualification opportunities to the people we support.

For more information about Emmaus South Wales, to donate items or get involved, please visit our website vial the link blow. 

Emmaus South Wales