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Pressure Washer, Rotary Brush, Patio Cleaner and Chassis Cleaner

135 Bar Pressure Washer
8M hose
2 additional nozzles for Pressure washer
patio brush
rotary brush.
Chassis cleaner comes with 5 additional nozzles:
Red Nozzle
Yellow Nozzle
Green Nozzle
White Nozzle
Black Nozzle

Fee: £ 10.00 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Pro-Kleen
Code: ESW017

Included in this set is the powerful Pro-Kleen pressure washer. The 1600W carbon brush motor generates a max pressure of 135 Bar with a normal working pressure of 90 Bar delivering an impressive 408L per hour flow rate. It also houses a hard-wearing aluminium pump for long-lasting performance.

Cleaning the visible exterior of your car in order to not only keeps it looking its best but also keep it running its best too. This also goes for the underside of your vehicle which is also prone to the build-up of dirt and grime. However, with the Pro-Kleen chassis cleaner, you can now clean these areas with ease, it comes with three wands that attach to create one long lance so you can reach the underneath of your vehicle with ease, while the 4 powerful jets quickly and efficiently.

The chassis can also be used as a lance, which you can use to lengthen or shorten to make cleaning those higher, hard-to-reach places such as the roof of vans, cars and lorries.


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